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My latest news, talking to Luxury Daily: Pursuitist launches influencer service to benefit brands, publishers

By From Jen King:


According to some experts, the influencer bubble is not sustainable and will eventually pop if brand marketers continue to align with individuals that may not have the correct appeal or audience metrics for luxury consumers.


“The wrong influencer bubble will pop soon,” Pursuitist’s Mr. Parr said. “Who’s hot is constantly changing. One minute it is the blogger, then the Facebook or Twitter star, the YouTube dude or the Snapchat flash in the pan.

“We have aligned ourselves with longterm publishers and significant influencers — not the flavor of the month,” he said.

“These are individuals and publishers that have multiple long term platforms — from a Web site, podcast, social channels, YouTube or TV series. And they have a solid reach with affluent followers.


Mr. Parr drew from his own personal experiences in the space to appoint the appropriate members for The Pursuitist Influencer Network.


“Pursuitist has vetted our publishers and influencers. I attend too many press events, from hotel visits to auto drives, where the wrong ‘influencers’ are invited,” Mr. Parr said. “The hot new Instagram star is basically attending the event for a free vacation. Instagram’s algorithms change daily.


“Who was hot today can be unpopular the next. We don’t believe in one-trick ponies with an unknown audience. We have journalists,” he said. “They create videos, articles and share their experiences on their social channels and sites — and, most importantly, they have affluent readers. Luxury brands are absolutely wasting their time by inviting the wrong bloggers.


“The Pursuitist Influencers Network will fix this.”