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Our Process

Parr Interactive collaborates with our clients to create innovative solutions.
First Step

Research & Analyze.

The research and preparation done in this step sets the stage for the entire project and will be the foundation on which the design and development work is based on. We fully understand the needs of your customers and prospects. Most importantly, we align with brand objectives and goals that are united with industry best practices.

Second Step

Concept & Sketch. Test. Repeat.

This is where the visual look of project starts to take shape. We create and test our design options. In an agile development process, we quickly discover what works for your customers and brand across all platforms. The development phase converts the creative vision into reality. We plan feature requirements and goals.

Third Step

Develop & Launch. Adjust.

The launch phase covers making final touches and moving the project to the client’s live server. We also hand off any available deliverables and documentation. We develop and launch your project with a 360 degree marketing strategy. We analyze results, adjust and improve.

Fourth Step

To Infinity & Beyond.

Future phases based on feedback from customers, prospects and research. We define a solid roadmap to expand and grow. Ongoing maintenance is a must, both for ensuring technical support but also to allow for optimization of existing and new design elements, features and content.

Innovation is Key

Christopher Parr has been innovating online since 1995, and featured in the New York Times, Ad Age, Conde Nast Traveler, Variety, Wired, CNET and more. USA Today has named him one of the “Top 10 Luxury Travel Bloggers” — and Madison Magazine honored him as one of the “Top 20 Most Influential People in Madison.” Here is what others have to say:

“I had the pleasure of working with Christopher. He has amazing creative talents and was great to work with..."

Chad Richard SVP, Yelp

"Parr is innovative & creative. Does a great job of generating an experience..."

Douglas Coupland Author of Generation X

"Christopher is a solid marketer with great experience in the luxury brand category and online marketing. He is a great person to work with and he is also very personable..."

Pat Roney CEO, Vintage Wine Estates

"Christopher has been a long time partner to and to me personally. He is smart, innovative, creative and plugged-in to what is happening in the digital landscape..."

Christine DeMaio Former VP, Conde Nast

"Parr creates delightfully rich and original work. Knows the solid groundwork in developing important content-rich websites..."

Roger Black Author of Web Sites That Work

"The medium of the web is not paper, it is not tv or the movies. The web is a unique medium, and Christopher Parr has shown us how to master it..."

Michael Larson Author of HTML Unleashed

"Knows how to make online extremely relevant for a luxury brand..."

Andi Heseltine Google

"Christopher has a strong marketing mind, and a passion for his brand. He understands how to best work with media partners for the mutual benefit of all concerned..."

Giulio Capua Chief Business Officer, Architectural Digest and Conde Nast Traveler

"One of the top expert practitioners in global luxury in marketing with a particular expertise in marketing, selling and engaging customers in the digital world. Christopher is one of those innovative professionals who executes brilliantly..."

Milton Pedraza CEO, Luxury Institute