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Originally published on Luxury Daily by Rachel Lamb.

Experience site has officially launched and combines upscale technology, destinations, reviews and information about the luxury industry in one place for the current affluent consumer.

Pursuitist is bringing the latest reviews and news about luxury brands, mobile applications, hotels and resorts and automakers to luxury consumers. To further the experience, the site has advertising opportunities for the top luxury brands.

“The strategy of is to create the premiere luxury lifestyle destination for affluent consumers,” said Christopher Parr, CEO and publisher of, New York.

“For readers pursuing amazing fashion brands, hotels, restaurants, gadgets, experiences and autos, Pursuitist is a destination site that curates the good things in life,” he said.

Shoesy has been publishing in beta since December. Mr. Parr has been involved in the luxury marketing industry for more than 10 years.

Writers for Pursuitist have been collected from renowned publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, Mashable and TechCrunch.

The editorial features are split into arts, auto, epicurean, family, green, house, style men, style women, tech and travel.

Brands such as Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Christian Dior, BMW, Fendi, The Plaza Hotel, Ritz-Carlton and the Waldorf Astoria are just some of the companies featured on the site.

For example, Pursuitist recently published an interview with Jimmy Choo founder and creative head Tamara Mellon.


Interview with Tamara Mellon

The journalists on the site review their favorite products, restaurants, luxury experiences and gadgets. They also discuss travel tips, home decorating ideas and trends that they see in and on the current market.

For instance, in addition to discussing the Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter men’s lookbook, there are also articles on luxury experiences such as the five can’t-miss-views in Shanghai.

“While in beta, the Pursuitist editors have diligently curated a rich list of the good things in life to share with affluent readers,” Mr. Parr said. “As we only focus on premiere brands and destinations, we are selective of the brands we feature.

“It’s a terrific halo effect — to be ‘Pursuitist recommended,’” he said.

Parr for the course
Pursuitist is building awareness through advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, banner ads on other Web sites, word-of-mouth and email marketing.

“Facebook integration is a major tactic,” Mr. Parr said. “The sharing, liking and commenting is exclusively powered by Facebook to help us go viral and obtain more likeminded readers.”

Indeed, each article has an option for consumers to “like” the post and share it on Facebook.

Some luxury brands have already taken notice of the site.

For instance, apparel and accessories designer Marc Jacobs posted one of Pursuitist’s articles about a branded product on its Facebook page.


Marc Jacobs posts an article from Pursuitist

Affluent consumers are reached through the high standard of ads as well as editorial on Pursuitist.

Currently, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and The Broadmoore Colorado Springs are advertising in tower and banner ads on Pursuitist.

Other luxury brands such as Burberry and BMW have advertised.

Pursuitist is a prime and targeted online destination for luxury advertisers, as 65 percent of site readers have incomes of more than $75,000 per year, claims Mr. Parr.

“There’s a shortage of online destinations for affluent consumers seeking authentic experiences,” Mr. Parr said. “Plenty of cold-bling sites exist, focusing on editorial content with ultra premium and inaccessible luxuries.

“That’s the void, and why Pursuitist was created — there’s not another site like us,” he said